Who We are

Vote Dallas was founded on the principle that every voice matters.

Meet The Team


Rhianna Calendine

Rhianna Calendine currently works as a middle school teacher. Her time in the classroom allowed her to see the impact elected officials and their policies have on her students well-being and future success. As a result, she sought out policy-related experience through participating in several fellowships where she assisted with policy research, canvassed in elections, and worked with multiple non-profits that had equity-driven missions. She feels Vote Dallas is filling a need and is excited to effect change in Dallas. When she isn’t busy grading or registering people to vote, Rhianna enjoys going to restaurants with Guy Fieris’s face spray-painted on the wall. 


A native of Alabama, Michaela Fendley studied Communication and Business at Auburn University before moving to Dallas where she started her teaching career. Michaela quickly developed a passion for both education and the city of Dallas. During the day, she teaches 7th-grade algebra at a middle school in Deep Ellum. After school, she is a spin instructor at Grit Fitness. After learning about the incredibly low voter turnout in Dallas County, Michaela became passionate about making voting more transparent and approachable. What she initially thought would be a 2-year stay in Dallas turned into 5 years (and counting!) of exploring and loving our community. A few of her favorite things about Dallas are the endless taco options, her coworkers and students, and the beautiful city skyline


Alexandra Baer Chan

After working for three years at foundations and nonprofits that funded social justice-oriented organizations in New York City, Alexandra Baer Chan decided to become a teacher to ensure that the next generation of changemakers is more diverse, compassionate, and creative. Informed by work she did as an undergraduate researching refugee resettlement in Houston, she recognized Texas as a state on the frontlines of so many of today’s most pressing social issues. Vote Dallas has allowed her to channel her research skills and passion for social and political justice into informing her new community.  Her favorite things about Dallas are gas under $2, being able to afford a one-bedroom apartment with a washer-dryer, and her students. 

Michaela Fendley

Ramsey Carroll

Ramsey fits the old Texas adage of not being born here, but getting here as fast as he could. An Arizona native, Ramsey studied economics and business management at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah before getting a Masters in Education at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Ramsey has been teaching math to 8th graders alongside other Vote Dallas notables such as Allie, Michaela, and Rhianna. When he isn’t instructing middle schoolers or investing in local voter education, Ramsey can be found outside on a hike, run, bike ride, or picnic by the lake.

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Kali Robinson-Rothwell

Kali Robinson Rothwell is a Designer and content creator based in Columbus, Ohio. She specializes in graphic communication design with expertise in retail advertising, digital design, and brand activation across mediums. Her collaborative spirit and attention to detail make Vote Dallas as beautiful, legible, and user-friendly as possible.