District 5 United States Representative

Lance Gooden
  • Believes that Obamacare has not reduced costs or increased access to quality, affordable health insurance

  • Fought against the expansion of Medicaid in Texas 

  • Advocates for state-based rather than federal health care reforms

  • Committed to lowering taxes and plans to work to reduce the size of the IRS 

  • Vows to cut spending in Washington to decrease national debt

  • Believes in banning sanctuary cities 

  • Supported an $800 million plan to expand operations along the Texas-Mexico border, which includes the addition of 250 new state troopers

Gun Control
  • Passed bills that reduce education requirements required to obtain a Concealed Handgun License

  • Supported a bill to authorize the Attorney General to act against cities that adopt gun regulations

Reproductive Rights
  • Has a 100% pro-life voting record, including voting to add $18.3 million to Texas’ Alternatives to Abortion program and remove mandatory coverage for effective abortions from health insurance plans

Carolyn Salter
  • Values reforming current insurance models and allowing new alternatives to lower costs

  • Plans to keep protection from pre-existing coverage discrimination

  • Advocates for expanding Medicaid in Texas to save both lives and billions of tax dollars

  • Advocates for expanding federal funding for rural infrastructure improvements

  • Plans to ensure that all businesses pay their share of taxes and that small businesses are not billed disproportionately

Rural Communities
  • Will fight for robust and affordable (>100mbps) internet and adequate cell service in small towns and rural areas

  • Advocates for affordable education where educators are paid fair wages and retirement

Safe affordable housing
  • Will promote sustainable, healthy housing, amenable to aging in place

  • Values housing policies at the local level that stay true to community heritage

Energy and Environment
  • Promotes regulations on oil and gas operations and sustainable agriculture practices

  • Plans to improve recycling and waste reduction and maintain clean and available water for all Texans