Supreme Court Justices

The Breakdown

All Texans will be voting on 4 Supreme Court Justice seats this November. 


Justices do not represent a specific judicial district, so the ballot will be identical statewide.

Job Description
  • The Texas Supreme Court has final say on  civil appeals relating to Texas state law. It mainly focuses on cases that raise questions about the interpretation of a state law, and it hears criminal appeals. 

  • Supreme Court Justices also handle matters involving discipline in legal professions and have the sole authority to license attorneys in Texas.

  • Length of term: 6 years

  • Number of Justices: 9

  • Term limits: none

  • 7 out of 9 current justices were initially appointed by a governor to their current positions.

  • The Supreme Court has been Republican-controlled for over 20 years. 

  • This year the Supreme Court:

    •  Ordered the release of Shelley Luther, the salon owner that kept her salon open despite Covid-19 policies

    • Sided with state officials on limiting the number of incarcerated people that could be released from county jails, which had become covid hotspots.

Republican Candidates
Chief Justice: Nathan Hecht
  • Has served on the Texas Supreme Court since 1988

  • Was appointed Chief Justice in 2013

  • Has worked to secure legal aide for veterans, victims of abuse and those at risk of losing their home

Place 6: Jane Bland
  • Has served at 3 levels of the Texas Judiciary

  • Was appointed by Governor Abbott in 2019 and must be elected to serve the remainder of the term

  • Receiving the William H. Rehnquist award,given to a state court judge that exemplifies integrity, fairness and professional ethics.

Place 7: Jef Boyd
  • Served as Deputy Attorney General for 3 years

  • Spent 15 years at Thompson & Knight LLP and left to join the Governor's office as General Council

  • Believes a judge’s role is to interpret and apply the law, not make policy decisions that belong to the legislature

Place 8: Brett Busby
  • Appointed to the Supreme Court by Governor Abbott in 2019 and must be elected to serve the remainder of his term 

  • Served on the 14th Court of Appeals for 6 years 

  • Dedicated to improving the justice system and legal profession in Texas

Democratic Canidates
Chief Justice:
Amy Meachum
  • Would be the first woman elected Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court

  • Has served as judge of the 201st district court since 2011

  • Has focused efforts on increasing access to basic legal service for Texans in need. 

Place6: Kathy Cheng
  • Has practiced law in the greater Houston Area for 17 years

  • Is a female Asian American immigrant that promises to be open-minded with an unbiased commitment to justice.

Place 7: Staci Williams
  • Currently serving her second term as the judge of the 101st Civil District Court in Dallas County 

  • Has been an administrative judge for Equal Employment Opportunity Commision and a criminal court judge

  • Believes judges should transcend party lines and promises to be fair and diligent in her role

Place 8: Gisela D. Triana
  • Has 24 years of experience on the Judicial Bench and has served at every level of Texas trial courts

  • Served 14 years as the 200th district court judge

  • Was elected to Texas’s 3rd court of appeals in 2018 .

  • Emphasizes record of being deliberate, courteous and listening to all sides