Texas state representative


Length of term: 2 years

Number of Representatives statewide: 150

Salary: $7,200 per year

Term Limits: None


  • Each state representative represents one state congressional district comprising approximately 167,637 residents as of the 2010 census.  


  • All Texas State Representatives are up for reelection in 2020

Job Description
  • The Texas Legislature is responsible for introducing and considering proposed state laws, resolutions, and constitutional amendments and allocating funds for the operation of state government. 

  • The State House can also bring impeachment charges against a statewide officer.


  • The Texas Legislature meets for five months every two years for Regular Session, which can last no more than 140 days. The Governor can call Special Sessions, which can last no more than 30 days.

Why voting for the house matters
  • After the 2020 census is completed, Texas state legislature will draw new district maps for both national and state district boundaries. 

  • The State House introduces and votes on statewide legislation.

  • Texas has a Republican state government trifecta, meaning Republicans control the governor’s office and both houses of state legislature

  • The State House of Representatives is solely responsible for originating bills that raise taxes or state revenue and for holding impeachment proceedings for statewide officers