Texas state rep District 112

Angie Chen Button
Brief Biography
  • Grew up in Taiwan after the Communist Party took over China and her family fled

  • Immigrated to America, earned her Master of Science in Management and Administrative Sciences

  • Worked for Texas Instruments for 35 years

  • Passed legislation involving suicide prevention in schools

  • Supported legislation to increase number of “security personnel” in schools

  • Has supported the improvement of the teacher retirement system

  • Supported legislation that made telemedicine more accessible

  • Supported the increase of funding for women's health programs 

Other priorities
  • Supported property tax reform through legislation that  provided tax relief and required voter approval for a property tax relief that exceeds 3.5%

  • Against human trafficking and child exploitation

Brandy Chambers
Brief Biography
  • Has practiced employment, medical malpractice, civil rights defense and basic commercial litigation

  • Moved to Dallas in 2001 to serve as Professional & Financial Claims Litigation Counsel 

  • Has worked with the Turning Point, the Dallas Women’s Lawyers Association, and Attorneys Serving the Community

  • Supports funding  full day pre-K across the state

  • Will oppose vouchers in support of funding public schools instead

  • Will oppose high-stakes testing

  • Supportsimproving the teacher retirement system

  • Believes the expansion of Medicaid coverage should be top priority 

  • Believes the expansion of Medicaid will increase access to healthcare, create jobs, and improve hospitals in rural areas

Other Priorities
  • Supports Green Act goals to fight climate change

  • Criminal justice reform

  • Redistricting maps to create fair representation

  • Plans to write a bill to help identify high- risk sex trafficking victims. 

  • Defending reproductive rights and the right to choose