Texas state rep District 109

Eugene Allen
Brief Biography
  • Has served as a founder and high priest of the Temple of the Bahati Raja

  • Founder and owner of Wonkot Business and Economic Development LLC

  • Founder and director of a data research non-profit that gathers information for policy makers, individuals with disabilities, and communities

  • Would propose legislation to give tax breaks to companies that partner with Dallas County to bring jobs to District 109

  • Proponent of developing trade schools that would train workers for higher paying jobs

  • We are unable to find information on Allen’s stance on healthcare

  • Believes in working with communities to help improve outcomes, incomes, and participation

Carl Sherman Sr. 
Brief Biography
  • Elected as first African American mayor of DeSoto and served 2 terms

  • Former City Manager of Hutchins and Ferris

  • Appointed to the NTTA Board of Directors

  • Businessman and entrepreneur

  • Believes in incentivizing economic development

  • Supports affordable housing and resources

  • Believes in addressing displacement and gentrification through ‘smart growth’

  • Supports Medicaid expansion in Texas

  • Authored a bill to establish a task force on sickle cell disease

  • Co-authored a bill increasing healthcare access for pregnant incarcerated women

Public School Finance
  • Supports reducing local school property tax

  • Believes in restructuring school funding to give equitable education to all