Texas state rep District 105

Gerson Hernandez
Brief Biography
  • Born and raised in District 105

  • Founder of a non-profit with a mission to provide resources for those in need

  • Executive Director and Community Outreach Pastor at his church

  • Hopes to work with parents and teachers to ensure schools have resources to continue the districts current quality of education

  • Believes the abolition of abortions to be a top priotity

  • Aims to support first responders and prioritize public safety

Gun Rights
  • Believes fighting for constitutional carry should be a top priority

Terry meza
Brief Biography
  • 4th generation Irving resident

  • Former educator that has taught at all levels from elementary school to college

  • Owns and operates her own law practice

  • Filed 80 bills and co-authored 20,10 of which were passed in the last session.

  • Wants to redirect state dollars to invest in teachers and schools

  • Opposes school vouchers because they take money from public schools

  • Believes every Texan deserves access to affordable health coverage

  • Co-authored a bill to grant healthcare for children in the foster care system

  • Will fight to expand coverage to more disabled Texans

  • Believes expanded healthcare coverage starts by accepting Federal Medicaid money

Gun Rights
  • Filed a bill to document the sale of every handgun in Texas

  • Filed a bill to close the gun show loophole