Texas State Rep District 102

Linda Koop
Brief Biography
  • Served as a Dallas City Council member for 8 years

  • District 102 State Representative 2015-2018

  • Committees: Appropriations, Calendars, Public Education, and International Trade and Intergovernmental Affairs

  • “Access to care should never be a luxury”

  • Supports increased funding for health/cancer screenings

  • Argued against the Affordable Care Act in previous campaign due to its effects on small businesses

  • Public school PTA life member

  • Supports increasing school funding

  • Helped to form the Texas School Safety Action Plan (increased mental health resources, security, and law enforcement services on campuses)

Other priorties
  • Property tax relief through reformed property appraisal process

  • Helping small businesses recover from Covid-19

  • Safety: passed legislation addressing human trafficking, sexual assault, and illegal drugs

Ana- Maria Ramos
Brief Biography
  • Served as an attorney, advocate, and owner of Ramos Law, PLLC

  • District 102 State Representative 2018-present

  • Committees: Defense and Veteran Affairs, Natural Resources

  • “Healthcare is not a privilege, but a right”

  • Prioritizes expanding access to Medicaid and affordable healthcare

  • Believes you shouldn’t “have to choose between paying the mortgage or paying medical bills”

  • Has been an adjunct professor and public school parent

  • Supports increasing state contribution to school funding

  • Helped increase access to higher education in her community by opening a new campus of El Centro Community College

Other Priorities
  • Property tax relief 

  • Legislation to decrease gun violence while upholding 2nd amendment

  • Environmental reform through Green Texas Act