The Breakdown

All Dallas County voters will cast their ballot for Dallas County Sheriff this November to serve as the head of the county law enforcement agency.

  • The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is the chief law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over all of Dallas County, including all 32 cities and unincorporated areas. 

  • The Sheriff is elected to serve a four-year term and supervise approximately 2,100 employees. About 2,000 of those employed by the Sheriff’s office operate the Dallas County jail, one of the largest jails in the United States.

What does the Sheriff’s Office do?
  • The Sheriff’s Office is primarily responsible for managing the Dallas County Jail, providing court security, and serving warrants and other documents. 

  • The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office works with other law enforcement agencies including ICE, Homeland Security, local police, and fire departments to conduct investigations and control traffic. They are also responsible for traffic control in areas that do not legally fall under another city or town

Dallas County Jail Compliance
  • The Sheriff is responsible for ensuring that the Dallas County Jail meets state compliance standards. While the jail has received compliance certificates annually since 2010, this wasn’t always the case. 

  • Between 2004 and 2010, Dallas County Jail failed annually to meet state compliance standards. During that time, the jail was cited with violations regarding inmate health care, plumbing, the failing smoke evaluation system, and inadequate staff training.

chad Prda
Brief Biography
  • Father of four

  • Served as a Deputy Sheriff before being assigned to the Warrant Execution section

  • Joined S.W.A.T. and became a firearms instructor and marksman (sniper) before returning to the role of detective

Main Platform
  • Prda states that his experience as a worker within the Sheriff’s Office has given him insight into what changes he would want to make. He advocates for: 

  • Improving department morale

  • Increasing retention of experienced officers

  • Allowing Sheriff’s officers to conduct routine patrols in the city of Dallas

Marian Brown
Brief Biography
  • Grew up in Dallas and attended Dallas public schools

  • Has worked in law enforcement for 30 years with 25 years in police leadership

  • Assumed position in 2017 to complete Lupe Valdez’s term as the first Black sheriff in Dallas County and one of five Black women sheriffs in the country

Main Platform

Brown cites her close community ties to Dallas as evidence of her investment in the city’s success. She advocates for: 

  • Rebuilding trust between the community and law enforcement

  • Continuing to ensure that the Dallas County Jail meets state compliance standards

  • Wants to ensure that inmate released from Dallas County Jail doesn’t commit another crim