Texas District Courts

The Breakdown

There are 39 district courts in Dallas County, including civil, criminal, juvenile, and family. There are 4 districts with judges on the ballot this November up for re-election and election.

What is a district court?

Texas District Courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction. The judges in these courts deal with matters of criminal, family, juvenile, land, and civil cases. 13 courts are set aside to deal with only criminal cases.

How many courts are there?

There are 478 district courts in Texas, with 1 judge per court. The jurisdiction process is complex, however. Each county must be served by at least one court, but the Legislature sets county coverage based on population. There are 381 districts containing one county, and 97 districts with 1+ county.

who presides over the court?

A judge presides over the district court. District judges are voted in and serve a 4-year term. Judges must be a US citizen, aged 25-74, a resident of their district for 2 years, and a practicing lawyer or judge for at least 4 years.

14th District

Jessica V. Lewis
  • Practicing attorney in business and bankruptcy law

  • Has about 10 years of legal experience

  • Believes in the value of worldview in public service and voter choice

Eric V. Moye
  • District Judge of the 14th for 12 years

  • Former District Judge of the 101st 

  • Has over 25 years of civil legal experience in addition to judgeships

  • Ruled on the notable Dallas salon reopening case during Covid 

  • Believes his role in community extends beyond the courthouse

95th District

Mike Lee
  • Appointed by Governor Abbott to the 95th District in 2020

  • Practicing trial attorney in premises, auto, and workers compensation matters

  • Has over 30 years of legal experience

Monica Purdy
  • Currently serves as the Associate Judge on 7 Texas Civil District Courts

  • Has over 20 years of civil litigation experience

  • Opened a private practice law firm

  • Passionate about educating the community on civil and legal rights

162nd District

Jordan Lewis
  • Practicing attorney as counsel for a state bank

  • Supports increasing public access to the court system and representation

Marciela Moore
  • Has an 18 year career with litigation experience in both state and federal courts

  • Only Dallas County civil judge Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

  • Founding member of the Dallas Hispanic Bar Legal Foundation, which raises funds for law students

  • Passionate about serving the community through teaching

254th District

Ashley Wysocki
  • Appointed by Governor Abbott to the 254th District in 2019

  • Experienced attorney in family law and civil litigation for over 10 years

  • Believes in being approachable as a judge

kim brown
  • Has served Texas in family law for over 25 years

  • Former attorney for Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

  • Managing attorney of privately-owned practice

  • Serves as a visiting judge for Dallas County courts

  • Has committed to serving families and children against violence since the age of 12