District 32 

United States Representative

Fabian Cordova Vasquez
Brief Biography
  • Diverse resume including business management, orthopedics and biologics in medical field

  • Currently works in precious metals

  • District Ambassador for TEXIT Grassroots Movement, an organization advocating for Texas secession from the United States

  • Wants to honor and safeguard all Social Security benefits 

  • Supports quality and affordable healthcare for every American

  • Supports capping or managing healthcare premiums, prescription drug prices and co-pays for healthcare that favors the patient

  • Pro-life

  • Believes congress can do better to find bipartisan solutions for Immigration, DACA and Asylum laws

  • Believes immigrants should be able to enter the US through the legal process

Criminal Justice/ Gun Reform
  • Proponent of protecting the Second Amendment 

  • Believes individuals have a right to protect themselves, their families, and their property

Energy and Infrastructure
  • Supports innovation, research and development in renewable clean energy sources 

  • Calls for decreasing reliance on foreign oil

  • Supports Trump Administration policies to keep America the global leader of energy production

Marc Veasey
Brief Biography
  • US District 33 (2013-Present)

  • TX District 95 (2005-2013)

  • Congressional Staffer (1998-2004) 

  • Founded Congressional Voting Rights Caucus (current co-chair)

  • Co-Founded Blue Collar Caucus

  • Has supported legislation to:

    • Make healthcare more affordable and accessible

    • Expand Medicaid to Texas with matching federal dollars

    • Protect women’s rights (pro-choice)

    • Lower prescription drug prices

    • Extend Medicaid or CHIP coverage to new mothers for 1-year after giving birth

  • Introduced legislation that “ensures police departments across the country provide thorough, accurate, and professional investigations in cases involving the injury or death of a person”

  • Supported legislation that funds research about national gun violence epidemic

Energy and Infrastructure
  • Introduced legislation to “allow testing of cutting edge pipeline safety technologies in everyday applications”

  • Cosponsored legislation to invest $1.5 trillion in creating jobs through

    • rebuilding transportation, schools, and other infrastructure 

    • advancing carbon capture technology 

    • bolstering energy efficiencies in buildings