Dallas Criminal court judges

The Breakdown

  • Length of term: 4 years

  • Number of Judges: 7

  • Term limits: None

job description
  • Criminal district court judges conduct jury trials in criminal proceedings. However, in some occasions, district court judges can decide cases without a jury in what is known as a "bench trial.”

  • Criminal district courts have original jurisdiction in felony criminal cases. Original jurisdiction is the first trial of any case. District courts resolve disputes by determining the facts and applying legal principles to decide who is right.

on the ballots
  • Dallas County Residents will vote on Criminal District Court Judges for Criminal Courts No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4. 

  • In each race, there is only one candidate running with no opponent.

Nancy Kennedy
  • Judge of the Dallas County Criminal Court No. 2 since 2016

  • Opened her law practice in 2005 and has served as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney

  • Board-certified in criminal law

  • Received her J.D. from Southern Methodist University in 2001

Audra Riley 
  • Attorney with over 10 years of experience

  • Currently works in a private practice focusing on criminal defense

  • Worked at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office as a prosecutor

  • Worked as a prison guard in the Polunsky Unit of the Texas Department of Corrections to pay for college and law school

  • Graduated from Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Dominique Collins
  • Judge of the Dallas County Criminal Court No. 4 in Texas since 2012

  • Has served as an Assistant District Attorney since 2004

  • Awarded the Above and Beyond Prosecutor Award in 2008

  • Served in the United States Air Force for more than 10 years prior to becoming an attorney

  • Received her law degree from St. Mary's University in San Antonio